Participating in AMUN
Hints & Tips

Forming your delegation

In choosing the students that will be part of your group, it is recommended that priority be given to the students that in your judgment are more highly motivated to participate and that will therefore work harder in their preparation and will be able to avail themselves of the benefits of the MUN experience to the fullest extent.


High standards of conduct are demanded of all participants throughout the duration of the conference. Respect is to be shown to all fellow delegates, Officers, Advisors and Staff. Smoking and consumption of alcoholic beverages will be prohibited everywhere in the conference premises. Violation of any of the above rules may lead to temporary or permanent expulsion from the conference at the discretion of the Organisers.

Dress Code

The AMUN is a formal conference and, therefore, formal attire is required, meaning suit and tie for gentlemen and a similar degree of formality for ladies. Informal clothing (T-shirts, jeans, sneakers etc.) will not be allowed. Delegates deemed to bein violation of the dress code may be asked to leave the conference and return appropriately dressed.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can my students fill special positions?

Yes, they can. Participants can apply for two different positions: Officer and Press Team Member. Visit the appropriate page of the website for further information.

What are the tasks of an MUN Advisor at the AMUN?

It is the overall responsibility of the MUN Advisors to make sure that there is no unruly behaviour at the conference. MUN Advisors represent the school delegations and may be asked to assist in the resolution processing procedure. They are vital for the MUN Programme as they are the ones that form delegations and educate those who are on the delegations.

Who can participate in the AMUN?

The AMUN is open to students in Grades 10 to 13 ONLY.

How can I reach the organisers?

The AMUN Organising Team can be reached by e-mail at: amun [at] hmuno [dot] org

What is the Organising Team?

The Organising Team is responsible for organising the entire conference. It can be contacted regarding all problems and questions relating to any aspect of the preparation for the AMUN.

What is the Executive Team?

The Executive Team consists of the Organising Team members and other experienced staff. It is responsible for the day-to-day management of the conference.

Will the AMUN have the same structure and procedures as previous AMUN or other MUN conferences?

The AMUN rules closely resemble those used in other MUN conferences. For further details, visit the Delegates section

Who is...

an Advisor? A teacher.

a Delegate? A student participant representing a country or organisation.

an Officer? A Chairperson in one of the conference's forums.

a Journalist? A member of the Press Team which prepares the MUN Newspaper.


Schools wishing to participate are invited to read the terms and conditions of participation. After that, you can proceed as outlined below. Please read through ALL the instructions before proceeding with registration. You can download the registration instructions in a single PDF document.

Download the registration instructions.

STEP 1 - Registering your School

How do we register our school?

Registration is carried out online through the corresponding form below on this page.

The online form requires:

  1. School and advisor (contact) information
  2. The number of participating delegates
  3. Delegation preferences: a number of delegation groups (mainly divided along geographical terms) to be provided in order of preference for your school's assignments. You may only choose among the options included in the Delegations' List. The Delegations' list is available online and can also be downloaded.

Anything in particular we need to know about this form?

By registering your school, you are pre-booking seats for your delegates.

The registration form is considered valid for 15 working days after submission, when the deadline for depositing the corresponding fees will expire. This means that you have a period of 15 working days, during which you must deposit the fees in order to secure your school's participation.

After the expiration of the 15-day period your registration form will no longer be considered valid and your seat pre-booking will be cancelled. Should that occur you can submit a new registration form.

Once you have registered your school, we will send you an e-mail under the subject "School Registration Form Received" informing you on the exact deadline.

How many students can we bring?

Each school will be assigned with up to 8 seats.

N.B. The AMUN is open to students in Grades 10 to 13 ONLY. This includes Greek Senior High School (Lykeio) and any equivalent (I.B., German Abitur etc).

Registration Form

If you have read through ALL the instructions you may proceed with registering your school by opening the form below.

In addition to school and advisor information, the form requires you to state a number of delegation groups (mainly divided along geographical terms) in order of preference. You may only choose among the options included in the Delegations' List.

STEP 2 - Collecting and Depositing the Fees

Is there a participation fee? How much is it?

Yes. The expenses of the conference are covered solely by the participation fees collected from the participating schools. It is vital that fees are deposited as soon as possible, as advance payments are often required and a delay may lead to extreme difficulties in the organisation of the conference.

Fees for each school are calculated as follows:

Delegates: Euro 35 / person

There are no individual fees for Advisors. Fees for Officers and members of the Press Team (15 Euro per person) are not related to school registration and are only due after these students have been selected in January 2019. All fees include lunch on the three days of the conference.

N.B. Please do not deposit the fees before you receive the "School Registration Form Received" e-mail confirming the availability of the requested seats.

How do we pay the fees?

The participation fees are deposited in the following bank account. It is no longer necessary to fax the deposit receipt, deposits are monitored via e-banking service.

Εθνική Τράπεζα
Αρ. Λογ.: 163/48047164

National Bank of Greece
Acc. No.: 163/48047164
IBAN: GR23 0110 1630 0000 1634 8047 164



  • Please make sure that your school's name clearly appears with the deposit or we will not be able to confirm you have indeed deposited the fees!
  • Please note that some banks may charge you a specific commission fee for your transaction. If this is the case, you are required to bear this commission.

When are we assigned with delegations?

The first delegation assignments will be sent out on December 2, 2018, to schools that have registered and deposited the participation fees up to that date. Following that, delegation assignments will be communicated on a weekly basis (every Sunday evening) to schools that register and deposit the fees anytime during the week (e.g. if the deposit is made on a Tuesday, the school will receive their assignment on the following Sunday evening).

NB: HMUNO hopes that no students are barred from attending our conferences due to economic difficulties regarding the required participation fees. For this reason financial aid may be offered to students who face economic disadvantages on the basis of demonstrated need.Please email to enquire further.

Register your students

The individual registration of students is carried out through the online registration system which is available below.

The deadline for delegate registration is February 22, 2019.