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Hints and Tips (READ THIS!)


High standards of conduct are demanded of all participants throughout the duration of the conference. Respect is to be shown to all fellow delegates, Officers, Advisors and Staff. Smoking and consumption of alcoholic beverages will be prohibited everywhere in the conference premises. Violation of any of the above rules may lead to temporary or permanent expulsion from the conference at the discretion of the Organisers. The Organisers reserve the right to withhold the certificates of participation of those participants who fail to comply with any of the above requirements.


Dress Code

The AMUN is a formal conference and, therefore, formal attire is required, meaning suit and tie for gentlemen and a similar degree of formality for ladies. Informal clothing (T-shirts, jeans, sneakers etc) will not be allowed. Delegates deemed to bein violation of the dress code may be asked to leave the conference and return appropriately dressed.

Resolutions and Policy Statements

Delegates are required to come to the conference with a draft resolution on each item of the agenda of their forum. A sufficient number of copies of these drafts will greatly facilitate you during lobbying. Making copies of your resolution at the conference will not be possible. Bringing a digital copy (flash memory, CD) of your draft resolutions along is also highly recommended.

You should also be able to deliver a brief policy statement on each topic, whether it has been prepared prior to the conference or not.

Opening Speech

The Ambassador of each delegation is required to deliver a one-minute speech during the opening session of the General Assembly. This should be treated as a valuable opportunity to present your delegation's point view on the issues you feel are most important, whether they are included in the agenda of the conference or not.


Preparation resources on several items of the AMUN 2019 Agenda are now available. These study guides are meant to provide a summary of the issues and act as a guideline for further research. The material included is a selection derived from various (web) resources, which are generally provided. Please note that these files are NOT a substitute to personal research!

If you have specific quesions about your topics and research, send us an e-mail.

The "General" resources page contains a collection of web resources which are not topic-specific, but which provide many tools for your research.

Security Council UN Conference on Gender Equality General Assembly Economic and Social Council

Additional resources...

Resolution Guide

Download the document below to learn about the appropriate resolution format and the procedure for submitting resolutions.


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