The HMUNO is permanently ceasing its operations

After 22 editions of AMUN and 20 editions of TMUN, which saw the participation of approximately 8000 students from 245 schools, we are in the sad position to announce that, as of February 2023, the HMUNO has permanently ceased its operations and will therefore offer no further editions of AMUN and TMUN.

We kindly invite you to read the full statement and to take the time to review the report covering the period from the first edition of AMUN in 1998 to the present and discussing the state of MUN in Greece today.

We wish to extend to all of you, teachers and students, past and present collaborators, and friends made along the way, our most sincere thanks for joining us on this journey and our most heartfelt wishes for the future.

The HMUNO Board | The AMUN Organising Team | The TMUN Organising Team